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Nimble (adj.) – Quick, clever, and acute in devising or understanding

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.

Nimble is a management consultancy firm specializing in assisting and supporting organizations to understand their needs and sustain growth through improved processes and sound management practices.

Nimble was set up with the objective of providing operational and management efficiency to businesses that are driven by passion to lead. We assist our clients to grow into organizations that are capable of becoming leaders in their own domains.

The starting point of our corporation, which began more than two years ago, rests on the fact that in this era of global competitiveness, where businesses have to respond swiftly to the ever-changing environment, there is a need to be perceptive and quick.

It is a known fact that every organization has certain set of processes and systems; some are properly documented while some are simply practiced. All companies have a particular idea about where they are going in the future, while some have the direction properly mapped, others have the direction in the owner’s head. However, what most companies lack are – processes that support their strategies. Additionally, systems and processes are mostly driven by present-day circumstances and it is assumed that the strategy would unveil itself eventually and that the systems will get modified to adjust to the changes.


This poses an issue as systems are created to support strategies and not the other way round. It creates a gap between where the organization intends to be in the future and where it is actually heading. Nimble fills in this gap by aligning existing systems with the strategy. We do not aim to re-engineer the exiting process. We simply identify the strategy – or create one if it does not exist – and build the processes and systems around it. In order to do this, Nimble creates combination teams of industry experts and process experts to deliver high performance results. We also ensure that our experiences and knowledge are clearly shared with the customer by providing training and workshops at the end of an assignment.

Not only does Nimble assist organizations in developing processes, it also supports their effective implementation across the organization. At Nimble, we are committed to assisting our clients in creating a road map for growth which is based on sound management practices, systems and a pragmatic vision.

For information on how we can assist our clients, check our Services Portfolio.
As part of our ongoing internal intensification practice, we have identified and developed expertise in three business segments which are:

a. Learning industries
b. Mid sized enterprises
c. Social development organizations

Nimble is one of the few consulting firms that provide a combination of Strategic insights and analysis, functional skills and in-depth industry knowledge to give the client a competitive advantage.


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