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Client Testimonials


Kings Developers & Infrastructure Limited

Nimble worked with us over the last 7 years. They came in as a consultant but have become a strong sounding board for any new strategic and tactical decision making for us. They differentiate themselves by understanding the issues involved in growing companies, giving solutions which are practical and understanding the mindset of family owned business. They have been the devil’s advocate and have been critics to us; they have been one of the continuous inspiration for us to move to the next level of improvement. We wish them best for all their endeavors and look forward to stronger bond in times to come.


Shabbir Hassanali
Director – Kings Developers & Infrastructure Limited (Kenya)


Alibhai Shariff

Our association with Nimble has been in existence for the past six years, at a time when Alibhai Shariff embarked on the venture of relocating its business from a humble shop in the CBD of Nairobi, to a nearly 100,000 sq ft superstore in the industrial hub of the City.

In the spirit of this remarkable trajectory, it was essential to create efficient systems and processes preferred for their longevity and versatility in terms of the culture and regional context of Alibhai Shariff’s core business. Nimble not only effectively created these systems, but implemented and assessed the same through continuous intensive training and supervision.

Since then, Nimble has been actively present on our path to growth, and have been instrumental in once gain not only suggesting, but also implementing, some dynamic and innovative strategies which I am confident will catalyze our business in the next decade. Indeed, Nimble’s act of going the extra mile to execute and monitor the strategies has ensured their fulfillment of purpose.

The Nimble Team is approachable, but assertive. Their brutal honesty elucidates their underlying value of fairness and prioritization of the client’s needs. It is these very guiding principles that have helped Alibhai Shariff progress remarkably, and we are indebted to them for their insight.


Rafiq Shariff
CEO – Alibhai Shariff (Kenya)


Hajoori & Sons

Nimble engagement with us commenced at a time when we are preparing and expanding to be an all India brand. They have been working with us for a while, what strikes me however, is their sense of involvement with the client. They virtually cover all the gamut of the business. Their process and systems are practical and are kept keeping into perspective the size and the management culture of the company. While they are patient in listening to all the views, they are clear headed on what is good for the company. Their non text book approach and innovativeness is a welcome change to an organization. I look forward to working with them for a long haul.


Abbas Hajoori – Managing Partner
Hajoori & Sons


Travel Affairs Limited

Nimble’s insightful skill in developing management accountabilities and assisting us to keep them in focus has helped us enormously. We are better communicators of what is truly important, more thorough in our considerations of getting the best results, and more able to rely on one another to manage workflow with continuous improvements along the way. Nimble has made a significant contribution to my feeling of being supported by the team, and has eased the burden of feeling the need to micro-manage all parts of the process. Their presence has been much appreciated in stewarding us through a time of significant organizational growth and development.


Nimish Shah
MD – Travel Affairs Limited.


Fairdeal Group of Companies

Nimble has been working with our group companies for the last 7 years or more. When started their approach looked radical and at times we felt that it was not achievable. As a family owned business, they understood our vision and constrains. They worked closely with owners and managers to deliver the promises and at times gone the extra mile to ensure quality. Unlike the other consultants they have never given us the report and left us hanging to implement. They have hand held us if required to implement the recommendations. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with them. 


Zoeb Ezzie
Chairman, Fairdeal Group of Companies, Kenya.

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