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Learning Industry

Growing realization of education as a profitable business proposition has seen a rapid growth of this industry to meet the latent demand for quality higher education.

NiMble works with educational ventures to establish processes, procedures and policies that can manage rapid growth. It actively assists institutes to market their services to the potential customers and ensure higher capacity of seats and higher realization per seat.

The key customers for an education institute are the Students, Faculty and Industry. The industry determines the needs; the faculty converts the needs into courses and the students takes the courses to fulfill the needs.

NiMble works with the educational institutions from the conceptualization stage to managing their key activities.


Services Offered

• Business Plan
• Project / Institute Implementation Plan
• Policies
• Processes and Procedures
• Student Admission Procedures
• Faculty Recruitment & Evaluation
• Examination Processes
• Human Resource Policy
• Training Need Assessments
• Develop Training Module
• Design & Implement MIS

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Project Dossier

Presented in this section are samples of projects undertaken by NiMble. To view our client list and testimonials, click here.


Contracted By: Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST), Kuwait

GUST is the first private university established in Kuwait. It follows the American University Curriculum through its cooperation with the University of Missouri, St. Louis (USA). The essence underlying the foundation of GUST revolves around spectral combination of world class instruction, infrastructure and management with the aim to offer the highest academic quality and spirit of excellence. GUST is committed to the provision of intellectual leadership and development of indigenous research in the country and to emerge as a beacon of light for the Kuwait’s educational, industrial, economical, social and cultural progress.

Scope of Work
During the start-up phase of this University, NiMble was assigned as a turnkey consultant to provide necessary strategies and establish systems in order to launch the University and bring it at par with various successful universities of the world. The objective was to make GUST grow as modern center of excellence for education and research.

How NiMble Helped
NiMble conducted a huge market research initiative to understand the gaps and requirements of establishing a private university vis-à-vis its stakeholders which included students, parents, faculty members, administrators and shareholders. A large study was organized to recognize and bench mark best practices in the Gulf region and the world.

Through these undertakings, NiMble was able to build a strategic map for the University and put together a business plan that supported the tactical approaches required for GUST to achieve its objective of being a modern center of excellence.

A detailed marketing plan was created that incorporated all the communication needs of a start-up university. Processes, policies and procedures were defined to the last step in consultation with the shareholders. These comprised of both academic as well as non-academic areas such as curriculum development, student admissions, faculty recruitment, examination and evaluation, human resource, financial, administrative, public relations and information technology.

A thorough understanding of the set-up at GUST enabled NiMble to propose a successful organizational structure along with detailed roles and responsibilities for all functions required in a university of such caliber. Furthermore, NiMble provided an IT blue-print for the university in order for it to provide world class facilities to its students, faculty and employees.
Innovation Delivered
As an interim measure, NiMble also managed some of the key activities at GUST initially to ensure that GUST was handed over streamlined processes and systems. A transition plan was put into place to effect a smooth shift.


Contracted by: Dar Al-Arqam for Educational Services, Kuwait

Dar Al Arqam for Educational Services Company (DAA), a subsidiary of the Educational Holding Group (EDU), has been imparting education to individuals with disabilities for the last 5 years. With seven schools under its belt, it has recognized the need and demand for new and better services and has thus embarked upon a path to fulfill the gaps that exist in Kuwait.

Scope of Work
NiMble was contracted by DAA and assigned to create a business plan in order for DAA to set its strategic direction and objectives to fulfill its vision of providing educational and other services that focus on people with disabilities and become a center of excellence in the same area.

How NiMble helped
NiMble surveyed the entire gamut of the needs of individuals with disabilities. It also studied the existing laws set up by the government for the provision of people with disabilities. A business plan was created that aimed to give a strategic direction for the growth of DAA enabling it to generate higher profitability by reaching out to larger number of disabled people and fulfilling their growing needs. NiMble also studied the exiting organization along with all its schools to map out the exiting systems. This helped define the strategic focus for DAA by identifying potential opportunities and listing corresponding objectives in order for DAA to achieve its vision.

A detailed three-year marketing plan was developed that defined the needs and demands of the disabilities market in Kuwait, analyzed competition, suggested marketing activities including creating value proposition for the customer, recommended a branding strategy, and created various pricing models for each of DAA’s business models.

It also laid down a set of critical success factors viz., cross selling, common customer database, customer relationship management and research that would set the standards for DAA to achieve its goals. An implementation plan that broke down each objective into measurable activities was drawn to facilitate tracking for the management.


Contracted By: Anjuman-e-Najmi (AeN), Dubai

AeN is the apex organization of a community of 10,000 plus Bohra households in Dubai. It is linked to issues such as education, social services, charity, finance, real estate, etc.

Scope of Work
NiMble was assigned to assess whether the community initiatives and development plans in education, social work, charity, finance, real estate etc. are in line with the vision of the global head “His Holiness”. Also required was the development and implementation of a governance system.

How NiMble helped
The project entailed mapping the existing community initiatives and development plan towards education, social work, charity, finance, real estate and related activities to assess whether they were in line with the vision of the global head “His Holiness”. The project activities included participatory interaction and dialogue across the hierarchy of office bearers of AeN. The opinions of the office bearers were correlated with the aspirations of the beneficiaries and gaps were identified.

NiMble designed a five-year implementation plan that provided project management oversight and implementation support including imparting of relevant trainings. The roll out plan includes design and implementation of enabling systems, information systems for monitoring progress, reporting and control.

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