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Mid-sized Enterprises

Optimized processes and innovative strategy help business to make profits and stay ahead of the competition.

Nimble works closely with companies to design processes that optimize resources, and devise strategies that exploit emerging opportunities.

NiMble assists mid-sized companies to optimize resource utilization; remove bottlenecks; map existing processes and help them implement sound management practices that help people to deliver results in tune with organizational goals. NiMble assists management to design efficient processes & install effective procedures.

An illustration of NiMble’s Strategy Mapping for business enterprises, which enables them to put their strategy in the right perspective in order to optimize resource utilization, is shown below:



Services Offered

• Management Study
• Corporate Strategy
• Feasibility Analysis
• Market Study and Research
• Supply Chain Analysis
• Business Process Optimization
• Business Process Reengineering
• Business Turnaround
• Good Management Practices
• Technology Evaluation and Cost Benefit Analysis
• New Business Strategy
• Management Audit
• IT-enabling & MIS
• Market Survey
• Market Entry Strategy
• Communication Plan
• Business Scorecards

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Project Dossier

Presented in this section are samples of projects undertaken by NiMble. To view our client list and testimonials, click here.


Contracted By Classic Enterprise

Classic Enterprise, a leading player in branded Indian Sarees and synthetic fabrics, consistently beat recessionary trends by concentrating on higher value-added products and by engineering a product mix in favour of prepared yarn and grey fabrics. Faced with growth opportunities the company realized the importance of implementing people-independent processes. For this, the company’s antiquated software system would have to be replaced with a more centralized solution.

Scope of Work
Classic invited Nimble to map its business processes and suggest a solution architecture that would stay relevant with changing times. The sales function was chosen for the first phase and the objectives were to reduce sales cycle time, maximize sales in each of the sales channels, and build a strong and responsive information system.

How NiMble Helped
The assignment required Nimble’s functional experts and technology consultants to document existing processes, create information flows, insert checkpoints and devise a workflow that could be easily computerized. Super imposition of good management practices from similar industries ensured the practicality of the processes. It is a matter of pride, that the proposed solution architecture is the de-facto standard in the client’s industry.


Contracted by: An Investment Group listed with Kuwait Stock Exchange

Investment Group (IG) is a listed company with the Kuwait Stock Exchange and has a paid-up capital of KD 32 million. The company is run on Islamic principles overseen by the Sharia committee and has assets exceeding KD 69 Million across Middle East, Europe, US, and other emerging Arab markets. AIG has significant direct investments in Education, Health, Information Technology and Real Estate. It is also a major player in corporate and consumer finance.

Scope of Work
Realizing the importance of information technology for conducting such wide and secure operations involving millions of dollars, the management at IG invited NiMble to prepare an IT Strategy and Plan for the company to harness the power of Information Technology. It was also entrusted with the task of recommending an approach for integrating the existing legacy systems with the newer technologies and computing services.

How NiMble Helped
Nimble worked with its partners to produce a detailed IT Strategy and implementation plan in a matter of 21 days. The study involved the active participation of key managers at the client premises. With the help of interviews, document analysis, and actual observation of the transactions, the team was able to understand the business processes and operational style of the client. Great emphasis was laid on the work culture and social hierarchy within the organization. Financial companies in the region were surveyed to analyze the best practices and existing IT deployment for benchmarking the new strategy. The need for bilingual (English/Arabic) support and the need to publish statutory reports were carefully analyzed.

The final report helped the client to understand the scope of work required for total automation, and the implementation plan. Implementation was suggested in 3 phases with the objective of migrating the manual operation to an automated less-paper environment, with tangible results at each stage, upgradation of computing skills and planned investments.

NiMble’s scope of work was extended by the client to manage the implementation plan with the help of local system integrators and solution providers.


Contracted By: Subha Group of Industries, India

Subha Group of Industries manufactures plant and machinery for the scrap processing industry. Started by first generation entrepreneurs, the company has grown to be a multi-crore profitable company fuelled by the passion and dedication of the promoters. The working style of the management has become de facto the process of the company. However, given the desire to grow and bring in professionals, it was desired to map the management process of the organization.

Scope of Work
Subha invited NiMble to map its existing management processes and suggest ways of optimizing them in line with its existing and future business vision and plans.

How NiMble Helped
Nimble divided the study into three phases and interacted with the top management in the first phase to understand the organization from their perspective. In the second phase, discussions were held with the functional managers to get a clear picture about the functional aspects and an understanding of the thought process of the second-line managers about the organization and its top management. Based on the first two phases, NiMble gave its recommendation on the following:

• Organization structure
• Roles and responsibilities
• Existing policies or the lack of them
• Existing management procedures or the lack of it
• Recommended modifications
• IT white paper

On completion of Phase-III, an implementation strategy was designed with detailed milestones and responsibilities. Further, NiMble assumed the responsibility of conducting quarterly and half yearly audits to ensure that the milestones are being met and recommend, if required, mid-term course modifications.


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