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Corporate Trainings


Growth of organization requires existing employees to take up positions of higher responsibilities. These promotions are generally based on their performance on jobs – which would naturally change after the employee is promoted. Performance Appraisal Systems and Competency Analysis does help – but is not adequate to predict performance at higher levels. This requires a bit of hand-holding and training of the high-pots selected in-house by external resources to allow free and frank counseling and support to the employee / group of employees.


Implementation of the Corporate Trainings and Counseling of key employees requires following steps:
• Define objectives and expectations from the program
• Understand the corporate functioning and management expectations from employees ate different positions and levels.
• Carry out discussions with participants and their bosses to narrow down and what training content would be optimum for the group.
• Provide training / consultation / counseling as needed.
• Follow-up to check outcome and provide additional support as needed.


Corporate Trainings are used by organizations for the following:
• Provides stress on business excellence, balanced score card as a management tool, handling and developing teams,
innovation, knowledge management, talent management, continuous improvement etc.
• Exposure of managerial work and attitude, handling teams, motivating employees, delegation, handling uncertainty, self
management, time management, meetings, communication etc.
• Facilitate frank and meaningful discussions amongst higher management team and providing safe zone for discussions
• Counseling of leaders and owners in various delicate managerial and leadership competencies where they may like to improve by one-to-one discussions and improve their managerial and leadership effectiveness.

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