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Digital Marketing

Nimble Systems has partnered with Tangerine Digital to provide to clients Digital Marketing Services.
Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Website Designing and Development and Content Marketing are the primary business verticals handled by the company.


Social Media Programs:
Social Media Programs allow organizations to interact with their employees, customers and partners electronically across a range of devices. Social Media is rapidly changing and is used for four primary purposes: communication (driving awareness, sharing content and providing customer service), commerce (selling products directly and getting referrals), collaboration (sharing ideas and getting feedback) and communities (fostering connection with the company and within customer and employee groups). Social Media options include everything from online community pages and microblogging platforms to company-operated websites and forums to social gaming.


Search Engine Optimisation
An in-depth analysis of your website allows us to gather information about the overall size of the website in page and compare your website to the websites of your competitors. During this time, we are able to start planning our detailed SEO strategy, perform keyword research, and determine the number of keywords to implement as well as how to optimize title and meta tags. Tangerine Digital provides an analysis covering a large number of features ranging from broken links to appropriate error messages and error codes being handled.An analysis and revision of the internal link structure, content keyword density, and duplicate content is performed and changes are made as necessary to ensure a high content integrity.


The approach is simple – make it look beautiful. Our websites are easy to use and easier to update.
From blogs, corporate and e-commerce websites all the way to Intranets with ERP integration, social networks and portals, we have done it all and we always love a challenge.


Content Marketing
In today’s cluttered online presence, Tangerine Digital will strive hard to give your brand / product targeted and maximum internet exposure. Using a combination of technical expertise and branding knowledge, the team uses a customer oriented approach to understand the demographics of your target audience and focus on their needs. Increasing traffic to your website is not the only goal, but to convert leads into revenue is what we look at.


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